Sunday, March 30, 2008

Autumn on 'Chi

Autumnal vegetation burns on 'Chi, which orbits a star only 150 light years from Earth. It's climate is very similar to temperate zones on our planet but much more intense.

Masonic World

Masonic World orbits Tau Ceti, it was settled in 2109 during the early part of the First Wave. The monument in the foreground honors the first colonists. The purplish moon above the background monument is a watermoon. The ocean is 50 miles deep and the ocean is purple from algae.

Styxx River Sunset on Kafkan IV

The miserable planet was named for Franz Kafka and was settled in 2883. The mocha colored river flows through the capital city of Purcello. You can see a hummingcopter in the upper left. Their star is a red giant and sports gigantic sunspots.

Monument to Earth

This is an old monument to Earth on one of the many thousands of colony worlds. The year is 3404 and the planet is Gandhi III. It also orbits a dual star system. Gravity is 1.4 of earth and no building is over 50 feet tall.

The Monument to Ze'De on Kankedo IV

Ze'De will conquer most of the Milky Way Galaxy 12,000 years from now. The monument is at her birthplace on her home planet of Kankedo.

Maxwell V Parliament Building

This planet is Maxwell V in the Andromeda Galaxy. The planet is much like Earth in the early 20th Century. The dark building is their parliament and the the brown building to the right is their supreme court. The sky is a smoggy brown and makes their sun appear bluish.

Last Day on Titabia II in the Coma Galaxy

This photo was taken moments before their sun went supernova. The blue lake in the background contained an intelligent aquatic lifeform that was extinguished with the planet.

Sunset at Valley Forge in 1777

Sunset at Valley Forge on February 12,1777 I tried getting George Washington to stand in front of the cannons but he was too busy.